Retrogamer – Heft 97

Covertape Wars
– Various editors of popular 8-bit videogame magazines reveal how they went about securing the best covertapes for their readers.

The Making Of Super Star Wars
– Discover how Sculptured Software turned George Lucas‘ hit series into a hit trilogy of games for the Super Nintendo.

The Making Of Zzap!64
– Oliver Frey, Frey Keane and Gary Penn reveal the creation of Britain’s best-loved magazine for the Commodore 64.

The Lynx Effect
– Talented developers reveal how they were able to create stunning arcade conversions for Atari’s handheld.

Also inside…
– Covertape Wars
– Retro Shamer Time Killers
– 30 Years Of Frogger
– The Making Of Aztek Challenge
– Minority Report
– The History Of Dragon Quest
– the Making Of The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad
– Classic Game Stryker’s Run
– From The Archives CRL Group
– Retro Revival The Adventures Of Bond… Basildon Bond
– Retro Revival Power Strike
– Future Classic Dark Chronicle
– The Making Of Zzap!64
– The Making Of The Super Star Wars Trilogy
– The Lynx Effect

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