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Retrogamer – Heft 106

3. September 2012

Ganz neu eingetrudelt, leider auch noch keine Zeit für Updates gehabt. Das Special „20 Nintendo Gems“ ist aber geil, das schon vorweg. 🙂

Electronic Dreams
– Discover how Grandstand were involved in one of gaming’s most exciting periods.

30 Years Of The Commodore 64
– Developers pay tribute to one of the best 8-bit computers of all time.

20 Nintendo Gems
– We reveal some of the best Nintendo games that you’ve never played.

The Making Of Uridium
– Andrew Braybrook explains the creation of his hit C64 shoot-’em-up.

Also inside…
– Electronic Dreams
– In The Chair With Julian Rignall
– 20 Nintendo Games You’ve Never Played
– Retro Shamer WWF Wrestlemania
– The Unconverted
– Inside The Classic Game Room
– Classic Game Diddy Kong Racing
– The Amiga Underground
– Retro Revival Time Pilot
– The Making Of Liberation
– Import Only Twinkle Tale
– Minority Report PC Engine Special
– Future Classic Onimusha 2
– 30 Years Of The C64
– Retro Revival Laser Squad
– The Making Of Uridium
– A Moment With Keith Hamilton
– Retro Revival Blue Print

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