Retrogamer – Heft 107

Retro Gamer celebrates some of gaming’s biggest anniversaries
30 Years Of Robotron
– Eugene Jarvis and other developers reveal how Robotron created a brand new genre.

25 Years Of Street Fighter
– As Capcom’s brawler turns 25, we revisit every key game in the franchise.

30 Years Of Pitfall!
– Creator David Crane recalls the impact his Atari 2600 game had on the industry

35 Years Of Apple II
– Famous developers recall their love for the 8-bit machine that launched their careers.

Also inside…
– 30 Years Of Robotron
– Cheap As Chips Street Racer
– The Making Of Major Havoc
– 25 Years Of Street Fighter
– Minority Report
– From The Archives Alternative Software
– The Making Of Battle Squadron
– 30 Years Of Pitfall!
– A Moment With Derek Yu
– Retro Revival Star Glider II
– The Making Of Kane 1+2
– The Best iOS Remakes
– 35 Years Of Apple II
– Future Classic Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
– The Unconverted
– Retro Revival Mighty Bomb Jack
– In The Chair With Dennis Koble

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