Retrogamer – Heft 113

Kommentierung des Inhalts folgt…

Build an Amiga 500 collection to be proud of

Collector’s Guide Amiga 500
– We reveal the key games and peripherals that every Amiga owner should add to their collection

Then History Of Micro Machines
– David Darling and creator Andy Graham look back at Codemasters‘ fantastic top-down racing franchise

Shadowfire Unleashed
– We exclusively reveal the final third part of Denton Designs‘ Shadowfire series

The Making Of Planescape: Torment
– Chris Avellone reveals the creation of his ground-breaking role playing game

Also inside…
– Collector’s Guide To Amiga 500
– Cheap As Chips Kokotoni Wilf
– Classic Game Pang
– The History Of Micro Machines
– Shadowfire Unleashed
– The Mysterious Crash
– Conversion Kings
– Minority Report Special Commodore 16
– Future Classic Rogue Galaxy
– The Making Of Planescape: Torment
– 20 Great Videogame Bosses
– A moment with Scott Adams
– Retro Revival Theme Hospital
– In The Chair With Steve Kelly
– Retro Revival Moon Patrol

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